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    Jeff Ashmead is the real deal. He’s been taking predators for more than 30 years for fur and in control efforts. His innovations, natural ability, honesty, and persistence in the field are legendary. When I have a snaring question, he’s top of the list as my go-to man. All that, and he’s one of the nicest guys, bar none, you’ll ever meet.

    Jack Whitman
    Predator Ecologist and Trapper

    I have known and worked with Jeff Ashmead, professionally and personally, for 15 years.  Before retiring, Jeff worked for the USDA, APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) program in Idaho for 33½ years as a District Field Assistant, Wildlife Specialist and fixed-wing Pilot conducting wildlife damage management activities mainly for the protection of livestock.  Of the many mechanical ground methods Jeff has used, he has the most experience with foothold traps and snares (body, neck and leg).  I’m not sure exactly how many coyotes and other predators Jeff has removed during his career with WS, but I’m sure collectively it’s in the tens of thousands.  He probably has over a thousand hours of experience manufacturing snares for all sizes of animals and applications; and has countless hours of field applications in testing and determining which combination of cable lock; cable type, diameter and length; swivels; etc. are best suited in effectively and humanely capturing specific species of animals.  Jeff has an impeccable appetite to paying attention to detail when making his snares, and I’m sure his finished products are some of the best quality snares manufactured anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.  In the field of professional wildlife damage management and furbearer harvest, quality doesn’t cost…it pays!

    George Graves
    Certified Wildlife Biologist, Boise, Idaho

     Jeff Ashmead was called upon numerous times during his long career with the USDA Wildlife Services program to deal with problem wolves, and he was very successful at trapping, snaring and calling and shooting wolves that had been implicated in killing livestock. Jeff also fabricated the snares he and other USDA trappers used for capturing coyotes and wolves. Jeff was able to benefit not only from his own experience with snares, but also the collective experience and feedback from other USDA employees who used snares to catch and kill wolves. The snares Jeff manufactures and sells have been proven over the years in catching stock-killing wolves in Idaho. The same quality and attention to detail employed in making these snares to catch stock-killing wolves will serve serious fur harvesters and recreational trappers as well.

    Mark Collinge
    Certified Wildlife Biologist ®
    Retired USDA Wildlife Services

    I have worked with Jeff Ashmead for 6 years in almost every type of snaring/trapping situation that you can have. Whether it’s snaring or trapping coyotes and fox in the desert and farm ground to snaring or trapping wolves and bears in the high country, Jeff has put in the time to know what it takes to get the job done. As a federal trapper and snare man, Jeff has over 30 years of knowledge to draw from. Jeff has spent countless hours critiquing his snaring and trapping equipment and style to ensure his efforts will pay off. There is nothing worse than to spent hours or even days trying to catch a problem animal just to have it escape due to poor choice of equipment. Snaring and trapping in the high country from a horseback in the summer to running a trap line on a snowmobile in the winter, Jeff will have the equipment and answers you will need to be successful.

    Jared Hedelius
    USDA/Wildlife Services Idaho, Wildlife Specialist

    If you don’t have the time to figure out what works, buy from someone who has. Many years of trial and error have resulted in the products offered by wolfsnaring .com . Jeff  through his many hours in the field has unraveled predator behavior allowing him to not only tell you what will work, but why! Jeff has helped me to be successful in the field and I don’t hesitate in recommending his products!

    Kirk Tubbs, Twin Falls Idaho