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Peterson Throw Arm

    Sold worldwide to aid in the capture of large cats, bear and other predators, the Peterson Throw Arm also works well for smaller animals such as coyotes. The spring loaded arm will throw the snare straight up catching the animal's leg with incredible speed.

    Each throw arm is individually made and can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Changes in the length of the arm and the trigger enable the throw arm to adjust to the animal that is being captured. The entire unit can be laid in a shallow depression in the ground and completely concealed.

    Different sizes of pans can be ordered to make catching a particular prey easier. A piece of foam under the pan tension device or trigger can be used adjust the force of the snare. The arm will throw cable sizes that range from 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch in diameter.

    These throw arms are used by wildlife capture specialist, Dairen Simpson, to capture lions, jaguar, hyenas and other exotic animals all over the world.

    Price: $110.50